How to Make Baking Fun for Kids

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When you want baking to be fun for your kids, try these ideas to make baking a hit!


Suggest you bake a fun and tasty recipe like cookies, a cake, brownies, cupcakes, etc.

Be careful you let your kids do enough, or they might lose interest.

Do not choose something too hard, yet still colorful.

Its not illegal to taste before its finished! let your kids nibble on some frosting (It is the BEST part ya know!)!

Remember kids make mistakes, patience is VERY IMPORTANT!!! Try not to make them feel too bad.

HAVE FUN!!! Baking is supposed to be fun, and it gives kids pride to bake stuff for friends to try!

Have a little party where your kids friends can come over and help cook, or just enjoy the fun food!


If you push your kids too much it might make them want absolutely nothing to do with it!

Always keep a eye on your kids when working in the kitchen.

Make sure you do the cutting and put the food in the stove and take it out.

If they get a burn put the burn under running cold water, and dont make too big of a deal out of it! If it still hurts fill a bowl with cold water and ice, and stick the burn in the bowl for 5 min.

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